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Rock puts pineapple on pizza and every loses their mind

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Pineapple on pizza is something which not a lot of guys like for consumption. However there are many who love pineapple on the pizza for sake of trying something more flavor-worthy. This is kind of true when it comes to the famous Rock who has opened his mouth about this debate. The internet is pretty much divided over this pizza and pineapple debate and not many people love to consume pineapple with pizza. Social media also witnesses a different kind of debate when it comes to about this certain topic.

Dwayne is quite a popular celebrity when it comes to his acting skills and movies list. Many people just love him for sake of his fitness. One can safely call him a reliable rock in the world of celebrities.

Rock describes pineapple on pizza as his ‘Jam’

Well, rock came across this idea of pineapple on pizza and recently he called it his ‘Jam’. He shared a picture of himself picking up a huge slice of pizza on the Instagram. He also explained to his fans that he had been on a strict diet but his instructor actually gave him a permission to have some carbs. Common people have that cheat day for every day, since we love eating pizzas and cheese.

 Rock wrote in the post that his trainer allowed him to eat a pizza and send the pictures the next day. Rock did exactly like that and wrote:

We’re having fun strategically manipulating my diet/body for shooting HOBBS & SHAW (my Fast & Furious spinoff film) and I love these midweek pizza carb ups like a drunk loves free peanuts.


The next thing which rock wrote to share with his fans was his choice of trying out different foods. He often admits the habit of eating different kind of stuff for sake of trying newer things. To share this habit with his fans he wrote:

As for my pizza toppings – keep in mind, I’m the guy who likes to put tequila and brown sugar in my oatmeal, so pineapple on pizza is MY JAM – with ham.


Rock fans started to have a debate on this topic

Many of the rock fans who were against this topic of having pineapple on pizza started to have a debate with the other fans who were in favour of eating that particular pizza. The groups started to have discussions. However as everyone knows the discussions on internet seldom get to any conclusion.

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