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Robert Pattinson refused to perform sex-act with dog meant to portray film character’s dog affinity

Written by Wamiq Ali

Robert Pattinson was asked to perform a sex-act with a dog in his latest film. The “Good Time” director asked the actor to pleasure a dog as it was the requirement of the scene. Pattinson refused to perform such an act with a dog.

Pattinson portrays a criminal in the movie which got 6 minutes standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, which took place in May. The Twilight star is fighting for the life of his brother in the movie. The film was already highly anticipated.

The director required a pleasuring act with the dog because the film main character has an affinity for the dogs. He believes himself to be a dog in his previous life. 

In an interview related to this story, the actor said, “I think I’ve control over the animals and stuff.”

If you watch the above-embedded video at 2:21 minutes, then you’ll find Robert sharing his story on set with a dog. The actor reveals the story describing a scene where he was required to give a sort of hand job to the dog. A drug dealer had to burst into the room and Robert was supposed to be sleeping with the dog.

Pattinson recalled the director telling him to do it like a man rather than doing it like a p****. The dog trainer advised Pattison to massage the inside of his thighs. Pattinson, however, refused to do the act for real. They eventually had to perform the act on a fake dog member, but later the scene was removed completely in the movie.

He said, “It was fun doing something like this…. it will be on DVD extras.”

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