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Robert De Niro bans Trump from all his Nobu Restaurants

Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of all time – but apart from that, he is also an entrepreneur who co-founded the famous Nobu restaurant and hotel chain.

The multitalented legend, 74, spoke about his own life in the new Nobu Hotel Marbella last week.

He told that he has no plans to retire until he draws his last breath and also because he has a marriage-like relationship with Chef Nobu. He also condemned President Trump and shared strong feelings about him – he also announced that Trump would be stopped from entering every Nobu restaurant if he ever tried to get in.

He shared his thoughts when he joined Meir and Nobu in 25-year milestone success of Nobu hospitality industry which was established in 1994.

At the event three of them were discussing their work with the hospitality industry, during which Robert discussed his retirement.

He told: ‘I’m getting older? What am I going to do? What else can I do? What am I gonna do? Take up golf!? I actually tried golf and I liked it but I enjoy doing what I’m doing. As long as we enjoy that. How much can I rest?’

As he previously exemplified his relationship with Nobu, he then added that just like any other marriage there have been arguments over professional decisions.

He said: ‘He admires me! We’ve had strong arguments about professional decisions. Nobu, it’s been an excellent relationship and Nobu is amazing at what he does and it takes a certain kind of person to do what he does and to be able to do what he does and be consistent.’

‘I find myself very lucky that we can do all our work, all of us and the team. Sometimes things don’t work out like that and people have disagreements and we have had disagreements in the past but you’re always looking at the big picture.’

Robert’s feelings about the president are well known and Robert banning him is totally understandable.

The first branch of the chain was the Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace Las Vegas and later Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila. The chains will be further extended in the future.

The chain is described as a unique place which ‘has come to stand for: a place to relax, to live, and to savor an experience– all in an atmosphere charged with a sense of being a part of something rather extraordinary.’

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