Road cam shows Corolla driver changes shirt while driving & slams into a concrete wall

Driving needs attention but then there are people like this Corolla driver. A road cam footage shows a Corolla driver hitting the concrete wall after he tried putting on a shirt while driving.

The video seems to be recorded from a dash cam of a truck. In the initial some minutes of the video, everything goes smoothly. Some minutes later Corolla came into appearance. The driver of the Corolla was changing clothes.

The car wobbled across road

The car started wobbling on the road as it came into the focus of the camera while passing over a bridge. At first, it seemed like the driver was under the influence. The truck pulled the emergency brakes as it was about to hit the car on the bridge. Since the car had collided the side boundary of the bridge. The truck driver shouted, “Putting a godamn shuton”, lemme translate it for you, he meant the driver of the Corolla was putting on a shirt.

The truck driver then came out of the truck and opened up the car door in order to seek wellness of the Corolla driver. We are not yet sure about anything about the driver or the place of this accident. Though you can look at the road guidance board to get more information which appears at the start of the video. You can watch this video below:

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