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We reviewed “Hammer of Thor” the most effective bullet as chosen by Experts

Experts call it “Hammer of Thor” since it packs the same strength as the mythical character Thor’s hammer. This bullet is deemed most effective by experts. It’s a 9mm 115 grain solid copper ammo which is non-expanding or non-fragmenting.

The 9mm extreme penetrator review has been carried out by ‘tnoutdoors9‘ a youtube channel. It was first released in 2014. It is currently released by Lehigh. The Lehigh defence masters in projectiles manufacturing. It costs are $32 per box which has 20 rounds. The bullet is solid copper and made at CNC machine. The front profile causes permanent cavity more than the normal expanding bullets. The accuracy of the projectile flight is maximised due to the profile.

Specs of bullet under the box

The YouTuber performed various tests and a lot of tests ended up complete pass through. The simulation material which was a 22” long block had more permanent cavity than other bullets. The first test was a clear pass through and then the YouTuber had to keep a steel plate, at the end point, to avoid any complete pass through shots. Since complete pass through shots could hurt individuals.

The final review came out which was, “It’s quite a perfectly designed bullet, the velocities are amazing, the penetration power is great, if someone wants deep penetration like 22 inches then this is a perfect bullet.”

The radial flutes of the bullet force the hydraulic energy inwards to build the pressure. The bullet has a minimal surface area which increases the force at the point of contact and sharp cutting edges which defeat barriers.

You can watch the review video of extreme penetrator from Lehigh defence below:

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