Review of: Strengthsfinder – A book if you want to change yourself with Self Confidence

Written by Jawaria

Everyone comes in to this world with some talents and strengths and the success of any individual can be related with the time he or she finds those talents and invest in that talent. To real essence of success is assumed to be brilliance and hard work only but you cannot compare two people with different talents. As per a famous quote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The book strengths finder written by Tom Rath depicts the same in its own way. Here is a brief description of the book and the feedback.


You must read this book if you want to induce a confidence in yourself and if you want to get yourself strong enough to get past life hurdles.


Strengths finder 2.0 is the name of the book that has been compiled for you to test yourself and know your strengths to improve your skills rather than just trying to know the reason of your failures. The main ideology behind the book is to know your strengths and play with them rather than trying to improve your weaknesses. The book comes with a unique access code for an online assessment test that basically tells your top 5 strengths. The book includes the details about the test in the beginning followed by the description of all the strengths and some real life stories related to every one of them.

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Everything has a bright and a dark side. Strengths Finder 2.0, just like any other object in the world has a positive and negative side as seen by the common people. It is important to know the both sides of the story before reaching any conclusion or selecting something to be a part of you.

Positive Side

If you go for something by name, strengthsfinder won’t disappoint you at all. The book along with the online assessment will tell you what you have in you that you can develop a lot better than some other qualities that you want in you but fail to achieve them. An even better aspect of the book is that it doesn’t just tell you what you have in you and describe that, but also suggests some areas you can work in to gain the upper hand.

The distributed 32 strengths explained in this book show the real life categorization of people, not just like having around 10 classes and fixing everyone in those. The strengths are categorized by Gallup after a long research including millions of profiles.  With the help of all those profiles in record of Gallup, Strengths Finder 2.0 includes real life stories to motivate you for improving yourself and be the superior one yourself.

The most beneficial aspect of Strengths Finder is to help someone know himself by a simple assessment of about half an hour and guiding him to improve in those areas. The test results are also very much customized and the one taking the test realizes many things about his personality during and after the test. The next step in evolution after knowing yourself is to grow in your strength and minimize your weaknesses. This part is also very well covered in the book.

Another special feature one can see in the book is the reflection towards mutual respect and compromise. The world is full of people with different talents and interacting with others is one way or other is a very healthy activity in making the world a better place. The book focuses on improving your own strengths and taking help from others when needed especially when your areas of expertise doesn’t allow you to provide the required results.

Negative Side

Now to flip the cards, there is a well-recognized negative side of strengthsfinder 2.0 too. If we analyse the name of the book, it has a 2.0 in it, which normally reflects something that has been improved and is launched with some improvements and to fulfill public demands. That is not the case with this book. The book written by Tom Rath has a lot of disappointed readers in this regard.

A major drawback of the book is the test associated with it. The most irritating flaw in the test is that you can take the test only once with the unique code. Every time you want to take the test, you have to buy a new $25 copy of the book and use the code to do so. This also takes the sharing and comparing thing out of question that most people are interested in. You can take the test but what is the point of taking it if you cannot just compare your results with your fellows and family? And to buy a new copy for each member of family will make your shelf look like a carton of the same book.

Another fault in strengthsfinder is that it doesn’t help someone who has no idea about himself at all. The book contains the description of the 32 classes of strengths but the category is decided by the test and the test has some questions that you can’t simply answer if you don’t know yourself or have not analyzed yourself already. And the code required to take the assessment test is available only in hard printed form of the book and you can’t just buy the code, but the whole new book.

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