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Filming a movie on a well-known book is becoming a trend now in Hollywood. The perks of being a wallflower is just another episode of that trend. The perks of being wallflower is a movie based on a novel “The perks of being wallflower” written by a famous writer Stephen Chobosky in 1999. This novel is based on a story of an introverted and self-centered teenager who is actually the narrator of the story in which he shares his experiences of writing a series of letter to a complete stranger.  The movie was directed by the author of the book. The movie was released on September the 21st in 2012 by the production house of MR MUDD. The movie gathered up the business of up to 33 million $ worldwide.

Cast of The perks of being a wallflower:


The story of the movie”The Perks of Being a Wallflower” rotates around the three characters. Charlie, the self-centered and introverted teenager played by Logan Lerman. Sam which is played by Emma Watson, the high school senior of Charlie and Patrick, the step brother of Sam played by Ezra Miller.

Plot of The perks of being a wallflower:


Charlie starts of his high school year with a lot of difficulty and having no confidence upon him at all. He feel himself misfit for this kind of environment, at that stage, Sam and his step brother Patrick tags Charlie along with their social activities and their friend circle. Once Charlie eats a cannabis food and gets high and discloses almost all of his secrets in front of Sam During this Sam learns that one of the best friend of Charlie committed suicide in front of him and this incident affects him very hard. He also walk in on Patrick and brad (Johnny Simmons) a popular athlete, kissing.  Sam’s brother Patrick makes very hard efforts to bring Charlie into their friend circle as Sam realizes that Charlie has no close friends.

Sam needs to improve her SAT score to get admitted at Pennsylvania State University. For that purpose Charlie help her a lot. At Christmas Sam gives him a vintage typewriter as he have an aspirations to be writer. As they spent more and more time together Charlie get involved with Sam and reveals his innermost desire that he hasn’t been kissed by any girl. On the other hand Sam being involved with someone else doesn’t know that what is going on is Charlie’s mind who now try to find ways to express his feelings to Sam.

As it happened that Charlie is asked by Sam’s boyfriend to fill in his place as he is unavailable on a party. So Charlie goes to the party with Sam where he met Marry Elizabeth the friend of Sam. Marry got impressed by Charlie and offers him to dance with her. He accepts her offer in order to avoid hurting Marry Elizabeth’s feelings but as the time passes he got irritated by this situation as he have feeling for Sam in his heart. At another party when Charlie is dared to kiss the most beautiful girl in the room, he chooses Sam resulting in hurting the feelings of both Sam and marry. Sensing the intensity of the situation after that incident Patrick recommends him to stay away from the group for a while but this isolation from the group become a setback for Charlie who get back to his depression which causes him to hallucinate about her dead aunt Helen (Melanie Lynskey) who died in a car accident in front of him when he was seven years old.

Back at the school, brad showed up with a black eye as a result of being caught by his father while having sex with Patrick but Brad denies it and distances himself from Patrick. This thing upsets Patrick and whole thing become a sort of heated argument when brad’s friend start beating Patrick. At this point Charlie intervenes and threaten Brad’s friend and save Patrick. This incident reunites Charlie with Sam and Patrick.

Sam gets accepted at PSU and broke up with Craige after learning that he has been cheating on her for a long time. On a night before her departure to the university Sam bring Charlie to her room and ask him that why the people we love do cheats us? On the response to this Charlie narrates the quotes hear from her teacher that we accept the love we think we deserve. They hug and kiss each other but when Sam touches Charlie’s thighs, he momentarily feels a flashback o his aunt Helen which he passes of as nothing and continue to kiss her. After Sam leaves for college, his emotional condition get worse due to hallucination as he call her sister and start blaming himself for his aunt’s death that he may have wished upon that. His sister realizes the situation and call the police. Charlie lost his senses when they burst into the door and later he wakes up in the warm hospital bed where a psychiatrist DR. burton manages to bring back his repressed memories of his aunt sexually abusing him in the childhood. After going through therapy session Charlie recover himself and returns home where he is visited by Sam and Patrick. Sam explains to him about the college life and how she feels about him. Later when they are driving through the tunnel and this time Charlie and Sam are in the back of the pickup where Charlie kisses Sam and acknowledges that he really feels alive in this moment.

Comment about “The perks of being a wallflower”: The story line of the movie was good enough to capture the audience.

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