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Review of Cinderella 2015

Written by Jawaria

These days the trend of animated movies is on the rise. Be it Walt Disney or Universal studios, all production houses are in one way or the other trying to make one animated movie. The rise of animated movies is due to their characters presentation, plot, actions, cinematography, sound and effects.

The all time famous Cinderella movie has been famous for its animated version as well as cartoons but Hollywood tried its non-animated version this time which is released early in 2015. This was long-awaited because Cinderella fans have been wondering about the cast and the depiction of story with some real actors.

About the Plot and Actors:

Cinderella 2015

The character of Cinderella is played by Lily James, step mother by Cate Blancett, prince by Richard Madden and step sisters by Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger.

All Set for Cinderella:

All time favorite Cinderella 2015 is ready to be shown in cinemas to amaze viewers with state of the art cinematography, music, actions, and actors. Though the plot is still the same, but the way it is presented today is simply awesome. Under the direction of Kenneth Branagh, story is written by Chris Weitz which has few twists this time. Movie has a total of 1 hour and 45 mins running time.

Now here presenting the review of Cinderella 2015, we scrutinize the movie in the context of good or bad, or I may say things which didn’t turn out to be healthy for target audience. Though on the whole movie is doing good and getting good comments from the audience, yet there were certain issues raised by the critics, which if pondered on, could had made a movie even better.

Positive Comments:

Let’s see some positivity of the movie:-

Family Adventure:

The movie is no doubt a family one and it invites all the family members irrespective of their age and interest to the cinema. If we talk about the rating of the Cinderella 2015, then it is well above the average grading due to its appeal, attraction and family orientation.

Some critics are of the view that the director Kenneth Branagh has taken a bold and good initiative in presenting the movie, keeping in line the current trends. It is his first ever experience of converting a cartoon series in a movie, with no prior experience and thus Branagh has done a great job.

Cinderella vs. Other Animated Movies:

In the context of animated movies so far, Frozen has raised the expectations of people to sky high. Similarly Brave and other animated movies, have raised curtains so expectations from Cinderella were really high. In the review of Cinderella 2015, it is pertinent to mention that the movie on the whole has failed to get the attention which former movies has attained in the short period of time. Also the cartoon series of Cinderella are still liked by the audience

Step mother Overshadowing Cinderella:

According to some critics, the role or Cinderella 2015 or I must say actor disguised as Cinderella failed to grab the attention of the audience and the movie on the whole is taken aback by the step mother Cate Blanchett. Her entry into the movie where she enters the home as a second wife to the father of Cinderella shows her mindset and intentions. Here expressions, ability to disguise her feelings and snub Cinderella talks about her acting skills and has won the hearts of audience.

Costumes Selection:

Cinderella 2015

In the costume selection department, critics call this a little vague. Though the costume selection is merely superb and it describes a Victorian era. But the turreted castles are those of Europe, however if we even let the non coherent between costumes and set go, and then we really appreciate the right costume selection made for right actor.

Let’s talk something about It, Cinderella 2015: Breath- taking Moments:

On the other hand, if we ignore the above mentioned blunder but see the section and choice of costumers, one gets amazed at the emblem, motifs, attire and artistic blend of color selection, designing, presentation and overall impact of them. Cinderella chooses to wear bright yet subtle colors which gain attention of the audience. Though her step mother and sisters always try to stay a step ahead of her in wardrobes, but director has made sure that even with simplicity, Cinderella shows prominence when among everyone. It is due to this fact that when she meets prince for the very first time in woods, he feels attracted towards her though she looks as simple as the character requires.

When the Clock clicks 12:

The scene or, if I say the moment which gains attention of the audience is the time when clock clicks 12. As the spell is valid till 12 and Cinderella finds it hard to leave prince, but eventually she did making audience sad for a while. Though it was known to the audience but director is successful in making audience get absorbed in the movie completely during this scene.

At the end; Cheers to Kenneth Branagh:

At the end, the all credits go to the director who took this step of presenting something which is already in the minds of all and sundry. The first plot of Cinderella 2015 was presented back in 50’s and it was much appreciated. It is also true that though audience knew what will happen next, still they were ready to view the entire film and very appreciating the work of the director.

Negative Comments:

Here are few negative comments which I may feel like share:

Some says the Movie is Not for Kids:

When one hear the name Cinderella, all kids jump and say yeah! But this time, parents are more concerned regarding showing the plot to their kids. Cinderella, who becomes orphan at a young age and is tortured by her step mother and step sisters, has had a negative impact on the minds of the parents. They think as compared to other animated movies presented before, this one might have bad impact on the minds of their kids when comes the question of relationships. Parents also feel that now with the advent of more and more animated movies which are all thrill, entertainment and soft, they can simply make their kids not to watch this one.

The Role Model, Cinderella:

The role of Cinderella 2015 played by an actor is not liked by many audiences due to her lack of softness, tenderness and appearance of a princess. It is even felt that kids want the princess to be delicate, young, and super but unfortunately actor lacked all these qualities.

Cinderella’s Rodents were nuisance:

The rodents which are Cinderella’s accompanied in this movie make certain audience annoying. If we include elders in our target audience list, then they were not very happy to see rodents roaming around here and there.

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  • Wonderful, Magical, beautifully acted. Music wonderful, Magical. Could watch this movie forever. Took me back to my childhood and my darling Mother telling me about the story of Cinderella. When a movie can do that there is nothing negative about it. Thank you to all concerned, this story was always my very favourite one. Is the music score on CD?
    Maureen McQueen

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