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Review of: Jurassic World

Written by Jawaria


Jurassic world is 4th movie in the series started in 1993 by the movie Jurassic Park. The other two movies of the series are The Lost World released in 1997 and Jurassic Park III in 2001. The movie is 3D spectacle and the tagline used is that Dinosaurs return, bigger than ever. Rating of this movie is 7.4 on imdb and 71% on rotten tomato, the two most consulted websites for movies database. The movie reflects a very common habit of getting bored with anything found to be very interesting and thrilling at time. The undying desire of wanting more all the times and never being satisfied with what we have in hand leads to many unwanted circumstances in life and one of them is displayed in this Sci-fi thriller.


There is a Jurassic theme park on an island near Costa Rica where dinosaurs are kept as pet animals and for the excitement of audience, there are different places they can visit in the park including a safari trip as in national parks in Africa and an amazing show of a shark being eaten up by a dinosaur in an aquarium on daily basis. The whole concept was a business and when there is no innovation, people get bored with the routine stuff. So was the case with this park and people wanted more and more. Something more terrifying and thrilling with more jaws and terror. This need led to DNA experimentation to produce a beast later named as Indominus Rex. To cause chaos in the movie, as expected by many, this beast got free from the security and started killing everything in sight. This beast had the DNA of a T Rex blended with some other sources to create an intelligent killer and it showed its qualities very well. Rest of the story is kind of expected where the lead cast saves each other’s lives and escape from the monster to save the world. A lot of chaos with many thrilling moments to get you leap out of your seat. And the movie being 3D, excites you even more than the past encounters of the series. The theme of the story is also shown in the movie by “Nobody is excited to see a dinosaur anymore,” Claire says as an introduction to a focus group. When asked what investors of Jurassic World want, the answer is, “We want to be thrilled.”

Lead Characters

Lead characters shown in the movie are Indominus Rex, the beast created to cause the chaos and violence in the movie, Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), a business woman and the park manager who understands what people want and was the reason behind the creation of the beast to provide give people what they pay for. Owen Graddy (Chris Pratt) is the tough guy in the movie with a military background and understands the animals very well. Simon Masrani (Irfan Khan) is the billionaire owner of the park and Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio). The main supporting cast to make the movie interesting are two boys Zach and Gray, nephews of Claire and Dr. Henry Wo who created the monster in lab.

Personal Feedback

As expected by the series, there is a lot of graphics work involved to make these extinct creatures look alive and natural and the work in this specific field is up to the mark. It is not as extra ordinary as Marvels Studios can give you, but it is good enough to make these things look real on the screen. The other thing expected out of the movie is chaos as when you play with nature, you get an unwanted response that you can’t escape easily. Playing with nature is shown by manipulating with DNA to create a new monster and the unwanted circumstances include the beast trying to escape the facility and lay hell on everything in its way. Although everything was carried out after experimentations,  but you can’t cover everything in this regard. The timing of everything from creating the monster to unveiling it to public and the chaos is perfect to involve emotions and family matters in the mix for the thrill. The superior capabilities of the beast created adds flavor to the chaos that we wanted in this sequel and for the home run, the beast turning out to be a female and thus escaping to reproduce and being a threat to human kind is a nice idea to mix in the thrill. For anyone having a taste of violence and thrilling experience, this movie is worth watching and to add spice to your experience, watching it in 3D is highly recommended.


As far as the rating of the movie goes, the thing parents should judge is the violence in the movie for their children. There are not many sexual interactive scenes in the movie except a couple of kisses shared among the lead actors, Claire and Owen. The language used is fine and the use of alcohol, smoking and drugs is not to be worried about. The major thing of the movie is chaos that can be thrill for some people and horror for some other. If your children can handle a bit of violence, it is good to be watched with family. It is rated PG 12+ at some platforms due to this specific reason.

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