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Review of: Frozen 2013

Written by Jawaria

Why animated movies?

The trend of animated movies is increasing day by day as compared with the time when people used to take interest in action movies or horror movies. Although there is an audience who still likes such action type movies but nowadays the trend has been changed a bit. People like to watch animated movies due to many reasons. Some of the reasons or qualities of these movies are given below:

  • Mostly are Family movies.
  • Children try to pick the good qualities of that particular character.
  • People Show Interest in the characters.
  • Both girls and boys love to cheat their dresses.

Key characters from the movie; frozen 2013:

The movie character in the movie “Frozen 2013” were played by:

  • Kristen bell in the role on ANNA
  • Indina menzel in the role of ELSA (snow queen)
  • Jonathan groff in the role of KRISTOFF
  • Josh God in the role of OLAF
  • Alan tudyk played the role of DUKE OF WESELTON
  • Eva Bella played the role of YOUNG ELSA
  • Livy stubenrauch played the role of Young Anna
  • Sanito Fontana played the role of HANS
  • Christopher Williams played the role of oaken

About the movie:

This movie was directed by Jennifer lee and Chris buck in 2013. The running time of the movie Frozen 2013 was 1 hour and 49 minutes. This movie got “academy award for the best animated feature film”. It earned the profit of $400.7 million on the box office. It has the good rating among all the animated movies. This movie has really good songs. Frozen was released in the theatres on 27th of  November,  2013.

Story of frozen 2013:

The movie shows that the people of this kingdom were very loving, full of lives and happy with the governance. Than the movie shows that the kingdom got trapped by the magic spill in eternal winters by her sister else, who was the snow queen. Elsa was a kind and loving lady, who loves her sister a lot and can do anything to save her sister. There were some other characters in the movie as well who wanted to snatch the power of these sisters and wanted to be the king of that kingdom Here comes the role of Anna, who according to her role is very optimistic, and wanted that her sister to come back to her kingdom. Anna took the step to bring her back and joined hands with a mountain man Kristoff and his sidekick’s reindeer named Sven. They decided to save the kingdom for the sake of the people and their happiness. Another interesting character in the movie was OLAF who encounters trolls throughout the movie and increases the level of interest in the movie. They struggled and managed to convince Elsa to help them and with that struggle they managed to save the kingdom and their power.

Positive aspects of the movie from the viewers:

The movie “Frozen 2013” was a success overall, according the reviews of the viewers:Best animated movie:

Best animated movie:

The people were convinced with the first 3D show of frozen 2013 in the theatres. When they left the theatres, they were filled with amusement, excitement and were happy at the same time. They were thinking that they did not waste their money on this movie.

Wonderfully enchanting the wintry fare:

The wintry stuff in the movie really delights the mood and appeals the eyes of the spectators. Whenever you see the cold and wintry stuff in the movie, cold and freeze breeze blowing from here and there in the movie, it amazes the spectator’s a lot. That really creates some sort of thrill and excitement among the people that people wish and decides to visit some place like that where it is filled with snow.

Delightful movie with songs:

The songs in the movie were out class. Whenever there comes a song in the movie, the children stats to move wave their bodies with the lyrics of the song. The young girls really got fascinated with each ad very song of the movie.

A good example for animation enthusiasts to study:

Another view that came out from the movie was that frozen impressed the viewers by showing and conveying the coldness all the away with frost bitten beauty, from northern blizzards and lights to the magnificent and refracting ice along with its reflecting light. This may appeal the person who shows interest in the animated movies and may help to gain the level of enthusiasm in its studies.

Location and dressing in the movie:

The overall location and the dresses of each and every character, specially the dress of ELSA in the movie got cheated by the designers and the young girls bought it in zeal. They were sold with a great profit.

Good learning:

Young girls love to copy the princess dresses and wants to be like them in real, like the way they talk and the way they treat, love and show passion to help others,  the way they treat animals etc. this really helps to build a good quality among children. Even the boys follow the characters of their favorite animated movies like iron man, avenger’s etc., and wants to protect people and tend to be strong like them.

Negative aspects of the movie according to the viewers:

Well! It’s impossible for everyone to keep all the people happy at the same time. Some of the negative reviews about frozen 2013 are as under, although they are not that much but still, these should be considered:Same story line:

Same story line:

Some says that frozen 2013, has the same old stuff like all the other fairy tale movies has. Same imperiled princess, mysterious magic and all that square jawed men of actions. The characters were pointless. No reality in the real world.

Over rated movie:

Some of the viewers were of the view that the movie was over rated. It is just another movie which is easily forgettable. Children got fascinated by the characters and want to be the same in the real world, which is not possible in reality.

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