Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Software – Getting back important deleted data

Increasing usage of computers in daily life has made people rely on it for their daily needs. From daily schedules to the important office data, computers now play an important role. Data is something which can be called as a backbone of the computers. Not many users buy computer for just use its processing powers, a lot of them buy it just to get their data sorted and align it in proper excel sheets. Everything seems to be perfect in computers, until data is lost or the hard drive seems to be not functioning.

Often I come across people who ask me to help them get their data recovered. The data they claim is lost because of some accidental deletion, corruption of the hard drive or simply because of some unknown reasons. Recovering data can appear to be a tedious task; however, that is not true in this modern world. The software developers are ever increasing and the competition is growing; therefore, lucky for those people, I recommend them EaseUS data recovery software.

This post is for the same reason that many people are not the expert users of the computer; therefore, they like to get in touch to the nerd friends they have for getting things done. EaseUS can be used by anyone of any age. The following are good features of EaseUS:

  • Anyone of any age group can use the product. (as I mentioned, I recommend it to those who come to me for help)
  • Any kind of accidental data deletion, card format or hard disk failure case can be handled with this software. That includes raw partition recovery, formatted recovery and lost partition recovery.
  • The software provides an easy user interface, it just shows your attached storage media and on one click of “Scan” button it just recovers files.
  • The software can be used on any type of storage media, whether it is sdcard or hard disk of old type.
  • It’s free version can provide 2GB of data recovery option, anyone with a sane mind would use it first to check the software capabilities.
  • The pro-version comes with unlimited recovery options and it has one more thing, the technical support. Yes, technical support is available 24/7.
Run the software, select the volume to be recovered, press ‘Scan’

More information on EaseUS:

  • The software runs pretty well on Windows Xp, Seven, Vista and 10. The good thing is that it has also a mac version.
  • The results of the scanned files can be saved, every time you run the software you don’t need to re-scan. Saved results can be viewed and files can be selectively recovered.
  • The scanned and recovered files can be sorted by name and size, which is a good thing.
  • The scanned and recovered files can be found by using their types, like excel, office, video (mp4, flv) etc.
  • A deep scan is also there if a surface scan can not find the files which are important for the user attempting to recover lost data.