Researchers develop Tires which will never go Flat

Anyone who has traveled across a country understands the pain when the tire goes flat. Flat tires are a problem which can waste a lot of time during the journey. Amazingly a team of researchers has developed the kind of tires which will never go flat. This can be the next groundbreaking revolution in the car industry.

NASA along with Goodyear has developed the kind of tires which will not go flat. The teams developed this tire to solve a problem. The rovers often punctured tires on the surface of the moon, this new kind of tires means more durability and surveillance. This new tire is being termed as Spring Tire and it has around 800 load bearing springs. These tires have a good load rating which means these can carry around more weight than the conventional tires.

NASA said in a statement that these new tires can carry a good amount of weight. These tires can easily handle vehicles that will weight ten-times and this was the requirement of the Apollo. The wheels in the space machine can move around in any direction individually despite the adjacent wheel direction. These tires allow the vehicle to escape a steep slope. If the vehicle encounters a steep slope then these wheels can turn sideways. 

Because of these new tires, a broader exploration can be carried out in the space. The drivers of these vehicles will not fear the flat tire. They will be able to take this rover to any kind of topological surface in the space.  This will mean more insight into the outer space which can eventually open the doors for the humans. Earth is at the moment the only planet which is believed to sustain the life. The increased exploration of space means a higher probability of finding a habitat beyond the earth.

Researchers hope that it will soon be available for cars.

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