Research: Cats know their names even if they pretend not to

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Many people prefer to have a pet in their home, the reason being they don’t feel alone and kind of remain entertained. Pets offer a loyal company and for the same reason, dogs are often called as man’s best friend. Even if you don’t own a cat as pet, you’ll start to consider your choice once again, after reading this research. Cats are often believes to be smart enough, like when their owners reach home they often pretend as if their owners don’t exist; cats are found to give an air of indifference.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t make their owners think that they are needy. The dogs nature is a little different as compared to the cats, the owners know this for a fact. A perfect example of their aloofness would be the indifference which they practice when their owners call their name.

Research claims that cats know their names

One research which was carried out in Atsuko Saito of Sophia University in Tokyo found that cats tend to know their names. They have ability to distinguish their names from the other words. The researchers were able to make certain predictions like the cats can recognise their names and words related to the food.

Therefore, we can make the following hypothesis: cats can discriminate words uttered by humans from other words—especially their own names, because a cat’s name is a salient stimulus as it may be the human utterance most frequently heard by domestic cats (cats kept by humans) and may be associated with rewards, such as food, petting, and play. (found the researchers as the stated their research summary)

Saito and colleagues found the cat’s reaction when they heard their names, they were able to see that cats reacted in the same manner when they heard the names of the other cats. The results showed that cats were able to differentiate between the words related to their names and other words.

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