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Reporter realises he’s talking to mushroom instead of microphone, is best thing to watch!

Written by Logical Men

The humor does not need translation. This video from a Turkish Channel went viral, in which it can be seen that the reporter mistook the mushroom as a microphone without even looking at it.

If a person does something really awkward they usually shy away and feel embarrassed about it. But not in all cases, in some cases, there are people that enjoy every situation and get a laugh out of it.

In this video, a person can be seen taking interview from another one and all of the sudden it appears that he was confused the mic with the mushroom. Which is also purely hilarious to watch.

But upon being told, he simply admitted his mistake and carried on laughing, which is a great thing to do because many would feel embarrassed.

The person who was being interviewed, the guy in the grey video was pretty confused and was simply confused about it.

All of this is the same story.

This is also a great lesson for life. We should always be happy in our situation and if we can visualize our dreams we can make it happen as well.

It’s called the ‘Law of Attraction’. If a person believes in good spirit that something good will happen to him, so it does.

Kudos to the reporter to be acting like a champion. He didn’t feel bad about his mistake and accepted it as a fair humor. He accepted the blunder and didn’t make a fuss about it. Everyone standing around enjoyed the humor and funny mistake. This video is surely going to give your mood an uprisal.

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