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Reporter got sucker punched in the middle of live broadcast and newscaster made a shocker face

Written by Wamiq Ali

A news channel journalist was reporting on Russia’s Paratroopers’ Day and he got punched by a drunk man. He was reporting live and the newscaster made a shocker face as she couldn’t digest what just had happened to the news guy. This happened at Gorky Park, Moscow. The video of this NTV channel reported getting punched in the face quickly went viral on the Twitter.

The attacker was already interrupting the news reporter. At first, he appeared in the camera focus and then shouted, “This is our country! We will conquer Ukraine!”, dude, he surely was drunk. The news reported Razvozzhayev politely asked the man to stay silent and leave the scene. However, the man had other plans for Razvozzhayev, so he punched right in his face.

The broadcast immediately got switched back to the studio where the news caster covered the situation. She said that there was some interruption in the broadcast. She must have hoped in her heart that the reporter was fine after receiving that horrible sucker punch.

The park becomes the main place of festivals where veterans and paratroopers celebrate their day and the reporter wanted to cover all the fun for television viewers. Razvozzhayev didn’t expect that something like a punch was going to happen to his face. Celebrations often involve heavy consumption of alcohol, occasional fights and fountain bathing. You can watch the video of the reported getting punched right in the face.

The look on the newscaster’s face is just making me laugh like idiots. I mean, this is wrong to laugh at a person receiving a punch in his face but still, this is how one can actually tease a live news reporter. Disclaimer, you can end up in jail too for doing something like this for fun.

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