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Reporter covering school shooting learns suspect is her own son

Written by Wamiq Ali

These school shooting incidents are getting out of control and there is nothing which can be blamed except bad parenting. When kids start to get involved in wrong kind of activities then that means some weak parenting. A kid learns through his surrounding and if there aren’t any good role models available in his life then he’s going to find it hard to learn the difference between virtue and vice. Experience is something which makes everyone learn with the passage of time.

It seems like every other week there is an incident of a school shooting. NYPost reported a gruesome event when a reporter came to a school to find out that her own son was involved in the incident. Editor of Marshall County Daily Online rushed towards a county’s high school on Tuesday. She was informed about an incident of shooting which reportedly took place at that particular school.

She arrived at the school and found that the alleged shooter was her own son. Ann Beckett her colleague took over the story and comforted the editor as she couldn’t engulf her son being a shooter.

Multiple people confirmed the identity of the boy who personally knew the family. 15yo Gabe Parker has been accused of the shooting with a handgun two of his classmates. 14 other people received serious injuries owing to the shooting of the kid just before the commencement of the classes.

Parker’s mother refused to leave any comment. The name of his mother is Mary Garrison Minyard and currently, she seems to be deeply saddened by the incident. The father’s boy has also refused to leave any comment on the incident. The reported as she approached the place of shooting couldn’t expect that the alleged attacker might be her own son.

Watch the video below which covers other details of the incident.

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