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Reporter calls conservative group helping Flooded Houston as ‘White Supremacists’, then regrets

Written by Wamiq Ali

Miya Shay a reporter serving ABC 13 calls a conservative group helping the Houston Flood victims as white supremacists. She visited a small Cambodian community where Trump supporters were helping families. She arrived the scene and approached the group and told them that some people from the Cambodian community were concerned that there were white supremacists in their community. She accused the group helping the victims and after that, she even pointed out their leader who was wearing a shirt which depicted confederate flag. The group helping the victims included Francis Marion who is the founder of American Freedom Keepers.

There were Cambodian citizens who heard their helpers getting defamed. So they stepped into the matter as they couldn’t bear some reporters showing dirty tricks and calling the group helping them as white supremacists.

They said that the small Trump supporting crew helped them “more than anyone was willing to”. They said that FEMA and Red Cross couldn’t help them but these people were the ones to reach them in need. These Trump supporters were reported to help them rebuild, clean the debris and help the elderly in the small Cambodian community.

Behind the story, ABC 13 cameraman and Shay were trying to find any white supremacists activities in the Houston after the Hurricane. They were so much tempted that they started putting on the wrong allegations on innocent people.

Watch below the Facebook-hosted video of the entire incident.

Shay had also previously used bad language for white people on her Facebook profile. Acting against the white people isn’t something new for the Shay. She has made several posts on her Facebook showing how annoyed she feels about the white people.

She had also made a tweet on her verified Twitter before reaching the place for the interview. Currently, she is also facing some backlash over the tweet she made. She pointed out some anti-government folks without even reaching the place.

The shirt of the guy which he was wearing due to which Shay called her their leader was actually given to him by someone the same morning, as a gift.

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