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Report: Women bosses are still rare in US

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Gender parity is a huge discussion these days. Women have struggled a lot to get their rights. In US women suffrage was established in 1920. Since then women are trying to get equal shares in other spheres of life. Normally people call women fighting for their rights as feminists. Many don’t like feminists trying to get their rights. However, it should be known that not all the feminists have similar agenda. There are feminists who just want to get their rights while there are others who want to break the entire status quo normally known as radical feminists. This is a discussion for other day but it should be kept in mind that modesty is for both genders.

This year was clearly called as year of women in politics in United States. Trump is the sitting president and he came after winning against Hillary. Brett Kavanaugh is facing allegations in name of woman harassment. According to a new report, the number of bosses who are female is quite less. Many warn that the situation is likely to escalate if men are unwilling to give up their positions for sake of gender parity. The #MeToo movement has attempted to raise the awareness of abuse which was normally happened with the women.

In September, India’s Indra Nooyi departed as head of PepsiCo. This trend is same in last 10 years. The number of female CEOs in companies is observing a downward trend. A number of women have left their posts as Department heads, these prominent women include Denise Morrison of Campbell Soup, Margo Georgiadis of Mattel, Sherilyn McCoy of Avon, Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard and Ursula Burns of Xerox. This trend has proved to be detrimental for the feminism.

All the above positions have been replaced by men. This has acted like a serious blow to the women empowerment. The diversity stands at lesser than 5% in the 500 largest enterprises when accounted for leaders. These numbers need to step up as this will mean more empowerment for women while ending the lopsidedness in affairs related to women.

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