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Report finds the most overworked cities in U.S. and seeks well-being of workforce

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If someone lives in Washington D.C., Houston or Atlanta then he must take a break. A new study has categorised the cities of US according to their work habits. According to the rankings, Washington D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Seattle and Chicago are the most overworked cities in the U.S. The data has been gathered by a mobile technology company named Kisi, the same company has released the acquired data in the form of a report.

The study, as shared by CNN, also ranks the least work-intensive cities like San Diego, Sacramento and Omaha.

These conclusions were drawn by the workers after gathering data of the time which people dedicate to their jobs. Other factors like how many hours people work in a week, how much time their commute take and how many paid family leave these workers obtain were also considered while conducting the study.

Talking about the work hours, working class in Washington D.C. spends around 43 hours a week on average for their work. These people taken an average of nine days of vacation and on average spend 35 minutes while getting to their workplace. It appears that a lack of paid family leaves is dragging down the workforce of the capital.

Moving forward towards the stats of the working class of San Diego, which spend an average of 42 hours a week for work and taken nine vacation days. Further, this working class spends 25 minutes while getting to work. The paid leave system of the city is just fine because of the California law.

The report makes it pretty clear that the work force of San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis and New York is pretty much balanced. These cities maintain a pretty healthy work-life balance. However, getting to the international scales, the cities like Helsinki, Munich and Oslo perform better in maintaining the work-life balance.

Kisi has warned that the report should not be interpreted as something which might force people to move for other cities. According to the company, the report doesn’t ranks cities with respect of best working environment. In fact, it’s a gauge for helping governments make life best for their citizens.

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