Repeated radio signals coming from galaxy 1.5 billion light years away

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According to The Independent, scientists have confirmed that they have spotted repeated radio signals from galaxy which is 1.5 billion light years away. Now, this distance is quite huge and the nature of these signals is yet unknown. This is a breakthrough, since it’s merely second time when scientists have spotted such repeated radio signals. This gives scientists an opportunity and a place of enthusiasm, they might want to explore to find the origin of these signals. This is the question, “Who might be sending those signals from 1.5 billion light years?”

What is the nature of these signals?

These signals are quite queer in nature. Such kind of signals are associated with wide range of phenomenon. This can be associated with exploding stars to the transmission from aliens. However, their nature has remained entirely mysterious. The current advancement in science fails to decipher and deconstruct these signals. The time period of these flashes is merely for a millisecond however, the energy which these flashes impart are equal to the same amount which sun takes 12 months to produce.

A researcher published a paper in Nature and he concluded that seeing two repeating signals probably means that there exists a “substantial population” of repeating signals. This is a good thing that scientists now have a repeated bursts of two signals. They might be able to draw comparison of these signals with the one which appeared a single time. This might be able to help them substantiate something about the outer space.

Scientists had been attempting to find evidence of another planet like earth. They had been searching for some other life form in the universe. Since, the universe is large. There can be anything out there which might be beyond the understanding of humans. These blasts were discovered by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment and it has given a new energy to the scientists. The other notable fact is that these sources can produce bursts of lower wavelength. Also these bursts reach earth safely without distraction. This means these bursts have a capability o escape their environment of origin.

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