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Rep. Ilhan Omar asks Twitter to remove President’s account after he claimed she danced on 9/11 anniversary

It appears that a spat between President Trump and Ilhan Omar has taken a new turn. The sharp exchange of words between the two personalities has been happening for the past 3 months. Neither of the side is willing to leave each other at peace. This time a new twist has risen regarding Ilhan’s attitude towards the 9/11 incident. President has alleged that the representative was dancing and partying on the 9/11 anniversary.

Therefore, according to deadline.com, the staff of Ilhan Omar has contacted Twitter to request them for removing President’s Donald Trump account along with a tweet that claimed that Omar ‘partied’ on the anniversary of 9/11 incident, a time when entire American mourned.

Earlier this Wednesday, Trump shared a new update, continuing his tradition of Twitter wars, and in it he posted a link to actor and comedian Terrence Williams account. The comedian had claimed that Omar was dancing on 9/11 anniversary day. Trump quoted the tweet in a re-tweet by writing, “IIhan Omar, a member of AOC Plus 3, will win us the Great State of Minnesota. The new face of the Democrat Party!

Ilhan Omar’s team quickly denied the president’s retweet

Ilhan Omar’s team pretty quickly denied the truth behind the claims of comedian Williams. The team revealed that the particular video was from an event of Congressional Black Caucus. Rep. Omar through her Twitter account denied the allegations and asked Twitter to do something regarding the mis-information.

Ilhan Omar re-tweeted president’s update as she attempted to clear the air of misinformation regarding her dance party

Omar said that she received many life threats because of one false claim of a comedian; therefore, she demanded the Twitter officials to take a right step.Williams later on deleted the tweet himself, as he witnessed it getting more than required attention, especially after it got picked up by the president.

As Williams deleted the tweet, it was pretty clear that Omar was being true and president probably got caught up in an air of mis-information. Trump might be using the tweet to tease and tense up Omar. Definitely past actions of Trump show that he has got a thick skin.

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