Red-Redemption 2 players messing with feminists during game-play causes uproar

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Playing games is a healthy activity as it can train the brain of a person. However, extreme of anything is bad as it can cause problems. A middle approach is always a healthy approach and its an educated approach. Red Redumption is an amazing game and it gives player a number of freedoms. The main character can act in a number of ways. Thus, he in turn is an image of the gamer who is controlling the character. The so many options in the game make it like real life.

Recently, a few gamers started to attack a suffragette character which was seen in the industrial city of Saint Denis. The character in the game can be found protesting for her right to vote. The woman stands besides a ‘Votes for Women’ sign on a public street. The woman can be heard saying during the game, “Let me vote” in a manner which some gamer declared as derogatory. Thus they opted to thump her during the game.

Other games have even decided to become violent and they took pleasure in beating the suffragette and later took her to the crocodiles. A few even tied her to the train tracks as a punishment. A YouTuber even uploaded a video entitled, ‘Red Dead Redemption 2 – Annoying Feminist’. He unleashes his anger on the character. In the beginning of the video, as it is not going to be embedded here because of our policies, the suffragette can be heard saying, “I am an American, come on people! Let me vote! It’s a national disgrace.”

Suffragette accuses the Arthur of being cynic. The character then pushes the feminist so hard that it falls on the floor. The video went viral and it has been viewed million of times. Many comments on the video describe giving votes to woman as a wrong move. One comment even read that the player did the right action against a feminist. However, there were women in comments who felt offended and they preferred to talk about their rights.

Twitter took it as an offensive. The below tweets show this as a fact:

Shirrako was interviewed by Motherboard and he said that apparently it felt like a wrong move but it was all fun. It was simply a funny movement. He said that he uploaded the video as a funny moment to give some entertainment to his followers. The gamer said that he simply wanted to get some peace as she was shouting and he couldn’t focus on his shopping activity amidst her sloganeering.

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