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Recent study shows that Americans are forgetting about HOLOCAUST

Written by Logical Men

The Holocaust Remembrance day is on Thursday and according to a new survey, the day is extremely needed.

According to the survey, many Americans lack a basic understanding of the Nazi mass-genocide during the World War II. This unawareness is particularly prevalent among the teenagers.

Although 96 percent of the participants of the survey said that the Holocaust took place, and 31 percent believe that maximum number of Jews that were killed is 2 million. Which is grossly low, because the actual figure is three-times more than that. The percentage was actually more i.e 41 percent among millennials.

Around 41 percent Americans had no idea about Auschwitz and the number is staggering at 66 percent with millennials who have no knowledge of the death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland when an estimated 1.1 million were killed.

The Executive VP of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, calls the survey ‘troubling’ as four hundred thousand Holocaust survivors are still alive. His organization seeks restitution for the victims of Holocaust and their heirs. He is the one who commissioned the survey.

He said, “Imagine when there are no longer survivors here to tell their stories.”

He also stressed the importance of the education related to the Holocaust.

He backed this by quoting the survey respondents. 93 percent of the respondents emphasized the importance to teach about the Holocaust in Schools.

According to experts there no suitable alternative to ‘hearing directly from the survivors about the genocide,’ but museums are preparing for the time when there will be no survivors left to tell the stories. They are preparing by creating holograms and recording testimonies to keep the story of the survivors alive.

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