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Reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6

There comes a moment every year when you feel the need for moving away from the smartphone you are using to something that just came into the market and I am sure this would be the situation for most of the people around me because that is what I am going through right now, but usually we don’t buy something new in the tech world by first thinking about it, rather we just head on to getting the device and afterwards we get to think what we actually did.

A similar situation is taking place in my mind after the release of the all new Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. Do you really need to move away from your current phone just because the screen on the new smartphone is curved?

In this article, I am going to make sense out of things for you and afterwards you would definitely know whether you need to jump towards the newer Samsung Flagship phone for the year 2015 or not?


Why not get something better?

Both the variants of the Galaxy S6 are amazing when it comes to performance, functions and usability. Although, the curve on the display is not that huge a feature, but it is not small enough to be ignored. The fact that the curve display made its way to the Samsung S6 at first makes it an amazing feature by itself. So basically, the point I am getting into is not the comparison of the Galaxy S6 to any other smartphone instead, what I mean is you should consider getting something that is trendier than spending almost a $1000 for something that does not even count much.


For instance, why not get a Smart Watch? No, matter how expensive or amazing your phone is but it still is not a Smart Watch. If you have a two years two smartphones with a cracked screen or a broken display and you have a classy Smart Watch, that would make up for your smartphone because 2015 and the years to come are definitely more inclined towards the Smart Watch them towards the Smart Phones.

Non Replaceable Battery and Missing SD card slot

I am still not sure why Samsung would do something that made it a clear winner in terms of hardware and smartphones against its competitors. If they ditched the Non replaceable battery and the SD card slot just for the sake of thinning down the Smartphone or adding the curve in the screen, then they have actually made a huge mistake, at least that is what I think so.

Galaxy S6 android authority

The lack of Replaceable Battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6 makes it look like there are better options in the market. Moreover, the battery has been replaced with a smaller capacity battery and that certainly means the battery life has been compromised upon which is a huge reason for sticking to the phone you are currently on, if it has the ability to take Selfies of course 😀

The Samsung Galaxy Note Series

If you are a diehard fan of Samsung Smartphones and there is no way that you would break the bond with Samsung then you still don’t need to get the Samsung Galaxy S6, instead you should get the, Galaxy Note 4, which I consider better than the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 or wait for a few months till the Galaxy Note 5 makes its way into the arena.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note smartphones are better than the galaxy S series in every way, they have a bigger, better screen and all the rest of the hardware components to patch along the Samsung Galaxy Note tag. It also seems like Samsung saves up the extra juice and power for the Note series and that is exactly what they are going to do this year according to rumors and expectations.

LG G Flex 2

If you are a fan of the curved screen, then you should consider the LG G Flex 2, which is the second curved display smartphone that the company had released and they are definitely improving their way towards making the phone better.

lg g flex 2

The LG G Flex 2 is cheaper as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and is literally flexible, that can totally change the way you see a curved screen. Unless you forcefully break the phone you cannot possibly break the phone otherwise and it is more practical in terms of design because the smartphone would definitely change shape if placed inside the pocket or a pouch.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Why not? Although, the Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t as famous as it should have been when it first got released, but now with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6, it makes more sense. There is not much difference between the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S5 in terms of specifications and even software.

Samsung Galaxy S5

On top of that, the Galaxy S5 has the option of a replaceable battery and also has an SD card slot. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is water proof!

Patching up a nice Smart Watch with the Galaxy S5 would make it more sensible and make it seem trendier than just getting the latest Smartphone.


I hope this article could make more sense to the people who are looking for a reason for not getting the Galaxy S6 and would make better use of the money, that you would invest into tech gadgets this year.

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