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Reality show ‘The Willis Family’ star Toby, father of 12, gets 40 years jail for 4 counts of child rape

Written by Wamiq Ali

The Willis Family dad pleaded guilty to four counts of child rape on Tuesday. Fans are shocked to hear the news and the family is also going through mental trauma. Toby Willis, the father of 12, was given a 25 years jail time on two counts of rape, and 40 years of jail time on the remaining two counts, both the sentences to be served concurrently which becomes an effective sentence period of 40 years.

The disgraced star was arrested in September 2016 because of an alleged rape case with an underage girl. The father of the girl had accused Toby Willis of sexual assault. This sexual assault was reported to be made 12 years ago.

Toby Willis wife is quite shocked since the time of the arrest. She said that she was shocked and devastated at the revelations made to her regarding Toby. She said that it’s quite hard time for the family and being a mother of 12 her first priority are her children and their mental peace.

The Willis family was a reality show which was aired on TLC. The unique feature of this show was the unique family. The name of every family member starts with letter ‘J’. The network didn’t make the sequel of ‘The Willis Family” and the last episode was aired in April 2016.

This family also appeared in the America Got Talent reality show. The judges were quite amused with the singing skills this family showed. The father and the mother were also present on stage.

The Willis Clan in America Got Talent auditions

They had made their appearance in ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2014. Before the TLC show, they had the other show called as ‘The Willis Clan’.

People think that the guy had been given lesser sentence period than the years he deserved. Most people gave their opinion of giving him a lifetime jail time.

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