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Real Life “Jungle Book” Girl lived in CAVES while Getting Hunted by Man-Eating Jaguars

HER tale seems something out of Jungle Book, a story of child who had to survive horrors of living in a cave and was being hunted by blood thirsty jaguars.

Not A Fiction But Reality

For Christina Rickardsson, who is now 35 year old, this was not a story out of a fictional book or movie, but her utterly extraordinary real-life growth in the wilderness of Brazil. She has published a new book called Never Stop Walking, In which she told how she had to become a hunter and catch birds to eat and how she took life another street kid all in the name of survival. She also told about the horrors that come with living a life in a jungle, how beasts use to roam around caves, where she had to live along with her homeless mother for nearly half a decade.

With her mother!

Life In The Jungle

Christina told about how growling was enough to make her mother and her shake with fear. She also witness a jaguar on top of her cave who was looking for a hunt to fill his appetite. Jaguars weren’t the only problem she had to live in place where life was in extreme danger, in the outskirts of a town named Diamantina where animals that could kill one easily were commonly seen.

Luckily, the beast bolted but she had to have her wits about her living rough on the outskirts of the town of Diamantina, where venomous snakes, spiders and scorpions were common. She was brought to the cave by her mother at the age of 15 days, her mother settled in the cave only because of her abusive brother She also told about how achingly poor they were, and how they would eat birds killed by slingshot and regularly hike to Diamantina to sell dried leaves and flowers and buy rice.

Gaining Confidence

She told about how she gained confidence from become a hunter and scavenging, she happily told about how she hunted and cooked her first hunt. The daughter and mother use to beg on the streets for money, where they were regularly called names. Christina also stole food to survive. At the tender age of 7 she got in a fight with a boy over a loaf of bread she found from a bin. She got punched but she fought. In the heat of the moment she jabbed a broken bottle in the stomach of the boy. She later found out that the boy had lost his life. She was later adopted by a Swiss family and came back 24 years later to find her schizophrenic mom. She also founded the children’s charity, Coelho Growth Foundation, and her incredible story is the basis of her new book.

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