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Read Dead Online Game players are organizing ‘Fight Club’ during game

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Game playing is something which mostly men love during their leisure time. A lot of people even try to take out special time for playing games because they believe this helps them get an off from their tension. Red Dead Online is one game which is played by multiplayer in an online scenario. This game is quite addictive as it has a world inside. Most players prefer to hunt and do missions during the game but a few are doing something totally out of the line.

Yes, players from around the globe are arranging Fight Club inside the game. Rockstar has no plans to stop these activities inside the game because it is giving the game a little more edge in the competition of character playing games. These organized fights have rules and regulations. One Redditor phate2000 is even planning to organize future meetups for any players who are interested in joining in, the idea seems innovative.

The entire system of the Fight Club is governed by rules which are mutually accepted by the online players. The fights are instigated after one player waves to the other, referee starts the match by giving two signals which are pre-decided by the players as a starter. Also only one match can take place at one time, this is according to the decided rules. The club even has some bouncers who are there to not allow any intruders to mess up the rules and things.

No official comment has been given by Rockstar regarding this however developer is quite satisfied that the shadowy business in being conducted in the virtual world. Further the rules are quite strong, these clubs are quite difficult to be found in the online game. However, such news has given it quite a popularity, and yes everyone knows the rule:

Everyone should know the rule

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