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I re-downloaded Tinder recently to find this…. whoops. Can’t digest the ‘Epic Fails’

Tinder is a place of meeting new people. Everyone knows, where people have involved mistakes and failures can happen. Some of the mistakes are too hilarious to leave them ignored. This Redditor installed Tinder today, just to find out his old mistake. The mistake wasn’t deliberate but the crushing pressure of time made it more special.

As we’re talking about Tinder fails, then let’s move ahead and shed some light on other epic fails. The one thing I like about Tinder is the spontaneous match. Out of nowhere, you come to know about some random match based on an application.

Watch out this lady, she’s looking for a stoner while she herself is a stoner.


Not every good beginning has a perfect ending, this following Tinder match actually makes sure of the same fact. The beginning was so good that the guy totally fell for it, but the end was rather bitter.

Now, below just read out loud the climax and ending.

A Tinder bot

Some guys like to prank on Tinder and this was definitely one of those guys.

Some people don’t know why they are at a specific place. This is the case with the below Tinder Profile, she doesn’t know the reason for being on Tinder. Or maybe her boyfriend wants a third partner too? Who knows.

Trust me, She’s been around the block a few times…

Before anyone makes a fool out of you or plays with your trust, you gotta double cross them and make them fall in the ditch first. I think this guy found the perfect Tinder formula.

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