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Ray’s Sausage owner spends $30,000 to combat foul smell, turns out a killer had stored rotting corpses

Written by Wamiq Ali

Police raided a house filled with rotten corpses owned by a serial killer, the scene as they entered the house was lightened by flashlights. A high heeled shoe could be seen on microwave and flies buzzed around everywhere. The scene was close to that shown in the horror films. The police finally caught the man charged with the killing of 11 women and hiding their bodies around his property.

Jurors also had accompanied the police in the raid and they came back exhausted after being pressed upon by the dullness and cruelty of the scene. Anthony Sowell, a 51-year-old, serial killer.

The victims of the murder had vanished in the most dramatic way in a drug-ridden neighbourhood. The remains of the victims were found in the alleged murderer home. The jurors think that the case would be burned into their memory.

The prosecutor told the jurors that the evidence produced against the alleged murderer would serve as a quick call of guilt. There is another twist in the story, the DNA, thumb imprints or any other scientific evidence doesn’t link Sowell to the 11 women murder.

The first witness to testify against Sowell was Richard Butler. A police officer who had recovered two dead bodies on Oct. 29, 2009, in the home of Sowell.

The Ray’s Sausage owner – Next to the next eye witness in line was Ray’s Sausage owner, who gave a statement that he was repeatedly blamed for having a foul odour in his restaurant. He spent around $30,000 to tackle the issue of stench odour. “There was a strong stench that was in the air. Because we’re in the meat business, people assumed that it was us, But when they walked into our factory, there was no smell like that. It was always outside.” said the owner.

The owner said that the Sowell family were in deep contact with him and they looked after the restaurant in his absence. Sowell also once called police after some one broke into the restaurant.

Police raid – Police raided the three story house and as they reached the third floor, the foul smell became quite strong. The flies were buzzing around everywhere and there were dead bodies, rotting. Police found that Sowell lured women into his house and promised them alcohol. The bodies were found throughout the home buried in the backyard.

NBC news reported the whole story, you can read here.

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