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Rats inside Bags of Buns left Burger King branch amidst chaos

A Burger King joint in Delaware was sealed after rats were seen running in packets of burger buns and their faeces were found in the fast food.

During a visit of a health inspector, rat-faeces were found on and even inside the chicken and hamburger rolls, in the ice machine, the water heater, near syrup storage boxes and behind fryers.

Inside the video, two rodents can be seen scurrying through a bag of burger buns. The video went viral on the social media and almost everyone’s reaction was “YIKES” after watching the video.

The video of the pair of rats crawling in the pack of buns was recorded by Shantel Johnson, which was later posted to Facebook and has since gone viral over 745,000 views and 22,000 shares on Facebook.

Sharing the clip, Ms Johnson captioned it: ‘Don’t go to Burger King on 202, running all over their buns Wilmington, Delaware Concord Pike.’

Andrea Wojcik, who is a Spokesperson for the Division of Public Health, told that the Office of Food Protection acknowledged grievances about the fast food restaurant on Friday, June 1 and health inspectors went there on the same morning, according to the media outlet.

Dr Karyl Rattay, from the Division of Public health, issued an order of the restaurant’s close down to the fast food restaurant owner Rackon Restaurants LLC, and stated the reason for closure being ‘imminent health hazard’ due to ‘gross unsanitary conditions’ and ‘rodent infestation’.

Post Investigation Findings:

When the investigation was carried out on Friday, a report was made which cited rat faeces were found on and inside of the hamburger and chicken sandwich rolls. Even the plastic that was covering the buns and rolls were bitten by rats and the wooden covering, ice machine, the water heater, under dry storage, near syrup storage boxes and behind fryers also seemed to be fallen prey to mice attack.

7 pallets of buns and rolls were castoff due to the uncleanness, and the inspector distinguished that during her visit, such contaminated chicken sandwich rolls were being used, but were then discarded.

Moreover, the restaurant’s ceiling was damaged, due to which dirty water was dipping in the kitchen and food. Flies and insects were coming from a drain close to where the food items are kept.

Ms. Wojcik said the department of health has lifted the ban after a reinspection and the issues being addressed on Monday. A Spokesperson for the Burger King told that the chains are privately owned, and they conducting a self-inquiry of the matter. They also assured that they will take strict measures so that such things never happen in the future.

Video: Rodents in Buns:

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