Rare black leopard snapped in Africa, near Wakanda

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Nature is indeed beautiful and it has always surprised man in one way or the other. Today, all the major discoveries and the advancement in science has in some way a node to the nature. Humans have learned from the birds to fly in the air. In central Kenya, people had already been talking about an attractive black leopard. The presence of the leopard was recently confirmed after some attractive photos of the animal were captured and uploaded online. These breath taking pictures are mesmerizing and are indeed beautiful. These images were taken by the researchers from the San Diego Zoo, who are always in search of some unique wild life. The independent photographers working in the area also took photos of this beautiful creature.

We are very excited to hear that these camera traps have captured rare footage of melanistic leopards, otherwise known as black panthers! (read the statement on the website of the Loisaba wildlife conservancy)

Watch the video below, to see the black leopard.

This pretty dark colour might appear as strange to some viewers, but it should be kept in mind the Melanism is a form of mutation which causes the colour of the fur to appear dark in the animal. This leads to a surplus amount of colour pigment. A researcher from the San Diego Zoo conducted a study and said that these photos are the first scientific confirmation in a century that black leopards are indeed present in Africa. The last confirmed presence of black leopard was photographed in 1909 and it has been stored in a museum of the USA. These latest photos from Kenya show that black leopard is present. 

The black colour of this leopard is mesmerizing. It’s indeed a miracle and the experts are just loving their discovery. The study has been published in the African Journal of Ecology. In the past, a similar tiger was seen in year 2013.

The black colour of the tiger make it difficult to be spotted in dark. The pigment has effected its fur colour so much that it is totally black. Pilford said that when the received initial rumours about the presence of the black tiger, they dispatched eight cameras in order to picture it.

The pictures of tiger have gone viral on the Instagram, at the time of posting of this post, these pictures had received thousands of likes already. The Instagram account can be visited for more pictures of this black tiger.

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