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Rapper gets ‘Sucker Punched’ in face during ‘Facebook Live Rap Battle’

Written by Wamiq Ali

That was one hell of a punch, however, it failed to knock out the rapper. Imagine getting sucker punched in the middle of a rap battle, it’s harsh and causes pandemonium. Fights yields no result and the first preference should be given to resolving the conflict at hand through consistent talks and suggestions. This rapper gets punched right in his face during a live rap match.

Rap battles are an amazing source of entertainment, the rapper use their full vocabulary and power to defeat the other person in competition. A lot of people love the rap battles because simply they are a huge fan of this genre.

This rap battle was going live on Facebook when all of a sudden a brawl ensued. The other rapper got angry enough to punch the dude right in his face on Facebook live. People like always have a different opinion regarding the incident, someone is siding with the victim while the other is siding with the oppressor.

Only weak people sucker punch,” wrote one guy below the video to ascertain that it was a weak move. The thing is right, one should behave like a man and must confront the dude rather than attacking him suddenly in an attempt to knock him out. There were other people who were trying to live stream the event, we got the footage from WorldStarHipHop and they recorded it from the live stream of someone standing in the audience.

How the brawl ended is yet unknown, but the intensity of the punch can be seen right in the video. The incident cannot be appreciated as it gives a negative message to the audience. Almost everyone in the comments is cursing the guy who sucker punched the rapper.

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