Rami Malek wins the Oscar for best actor

Acting is all about good faith and getting involved in the character, if someone is able to do so then this means that he is a good actor and he might be able to get along with any tough character which he ought to play. The same can be said about Rami Malek and his character as he played the lead role in Bohemian Rhapsody. The actor carried out the difficult role of Freddie Mercury and he played it out so well that he got nominated for various popular awards. Finally he was nominated for Oscars and it was well established that the actor would be winning the Oscars as well. As in the past, he won the awards for which he got nominated.

So, this is official Rami Malek has won the Oscar for best actor. Green Book has won the Oscar for the best picture and this was indeed a little surprising for the movie followers. The less surprising was fact that the movie Bohemian Rhapsody won four Oscars and this was the highest number a movie could won that evening. These awards included best actor (Rami Malek), film editing and sound mixing and editing. It’s worth noting that each of the eight films nominated got atleast one Oscar in some way or the other. The Green Book was a little unsual win as the movie earned quite a controversy after its initial release. The film revolves around an African-American pionist and his prejudiced chauffeur which he hires who is a caucasian.

Rami Malek while receiving his award thanked his father and mother for the support. He shouted out loud that his mom was sitting somewhere and he loved her a lot. While for his dad he said something on the notes of the following.

My dad didn’t get to see me do any of this, but I think he’s looking down on me right now. This is a monumental moment, one I’m so appreciative to all of you [for], to everyone who had a hand in getting me here.

So this was about the star of the evening, regarding Rami one should share his views as the actor rose to the heights of fame.

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