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Rami Malek wins best actor award in BAFTA 2019, Margot Robbie presented him award

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It’s no doubt not a huge surprise for Rami Malek as he won BAFTA 2019 best actor award. The movie Bohemian Rhapsody indeed earned a lot of respect and fame which is a welcoming thing for Rami Malek. The role which he portrayed in the movie was of Freddie Mercury which was a strong role picked up from real life. It was a difficult role as well which required a lot of practice and involvement in the real life of Freddie Mercury to portray him on silver screen. Therefore, Rami Malek had to read a lot into the life of Freddie Mercury because he wanted to carry the character in perfection.

Rami Malek was nominated for the role of best actor in British Academy Film Awards and it was no surprise that he actually won the award. The award was presented to him by Margot Robbie as she congratulated him for the honour. It’s indeed a milestone in the acting career of Rami Malek. Margot also looked amazingly perfect in the shining silver suit which she wore for the awards. She was nominated in the supporting actress category for her supporting role in Queen of Scots which she played as screen name Mary. The silver knitted dress of Margot Robbie looked perfect and it enhanced her personality to a great extent.

The actor Rami Malek was happy as he thanked BAFTA for the amazing opportunity. He called himself an outsider when presented with the honour of the award as he declared himself an outsider in this field. He wasn’t expecting to win these awards.

Rami Malek was totally happy with the honour he got. He understood the respect he got and his receiving speech resonated with that happiness.

Thank you so very much to Queen and to the greatest outsider of them all for being so unwavering, so uncompromising and so wonderful in every which way. Thank you Freddie Mercury. (said the actor while receiving the award)

What are your viewed regarding this honour which Rami received as an actor for portraying the role of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody?

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