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Rami Malek to play Bond villain in franchise’s 25th film

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Rami Malek has obtained fame in quite a little time but the fame which he obtained is because of hardwork. He was able to do the required hardwork in order to reach this point. In the past, he has played a lead role in Bohemian Rhapsody and for this he would always be remembered. The guy obtained quite a lot of awards because of his specific role in the movie. He entered into the life of Freddie Mercury in order to portray his role in the movie. Rami Malek was quite praised because of his acting skills.

Fast forward into time, the guy has signed another amazing picture which might become another hit. The series which he has signed is already much famous, the bond series. It has been confirmed by various sources that Rami Malek would be playing Bond villain in the 25th film of the franchise. The fans of the Rami Malek are cheering up because they have not seen him playing the role of villain in the movie.

This means that the Oscar winner Rami Malek would be playing the role of an international villain and that would opposed by Daniel Graig’s James Bond. The 25th part of the movie is set to release next year and the fans are already getting excited about this next part. Rami Malek also replied to the news of him playing the role of villain in James Bond and gave the following feedback.

I promise you all I will be making sure that Mr. Bond does not have an easy ride of it. (said Malek in a recorded announcement)

He also added that the villain would be of a different kind, something which Bond’s fan would not expect. The actor revealing the nature of the role gave the following statement.

The perspective of what it means to be a villain, and perhaps flipping that on its head in some way, shape or form. (said Rami Malek while sharing the hype of him playing the villain’s role)

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