Radio bans “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” considered as misogynist in nature

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Everyone knows about this beautiful song which just becomes more festive when it’s the Christmas season. People are already looking forward to their holidays which are awarded for sake of Christmas. It’s a happy time of the year when prices of many things go down and kids are looking forward to get their presents from the Santa. However, at such a time, the song Baby it’s Cold Outside has been banned by this radio. Radio station took the step of criticizing the song ahead and banned the song altogether. The complaint was simple that the song was misogynist in nature and provoked inappropriateness.

This ban was implemented because of the several complaints which the Radio station was receiving. The people gave this song different names and every name given was quite inappropriate in nature. However, despite this public outrage one person stood up to defend the song. A former English teacher explained the song in a Tumblr post. He stood up because he felt that there was need of someone to speak in favour of the song. This teacher made a Tumblr post and it’s well understood that in these times of #metoo it would be hard for people to not look at the song without a pre-constructed thought or subtext. This pop hit was written by Frank Loesser in 1944. 

Similar views were shared by many Twitter users

The teacher called himself a big fan of Jazz of 30s and 40s. The teacher wrote that this song was infact one of the hits of past and it does feel like an inappropriate misogynistic track if viewed from surface. He further explained that the phrase, “Hey what’s in this drink“, was a stock joke at that time. It meant that there was nothing in the drink, not a single drop of alcohol. He further explained that the woman staying late and unchaperoned was not thought at something good in 1940s. However, she wants people to think she’s a good girl. Since she is enjoying all that vibe thus she blames it on the drink.

The teacher explained it further that since the woman is enjoying the environment but she also cares about the society, thus she says, “Hey what’s in the drink?’ as it’s not a song about how she’s drunk and ready to be made use of, but it shows that she understands the society and despite she is perfectly sober but still uses drink for plausible deniability. She enjoys that surrounding being unchaperoned at a dude’s house and everything is consensual yet still she gives society a reason to not blame her directly.

A chunk of the post which this teacher wrote to explain the song.

In short it’s a song about society where a woman is not allowed to say yes, that’s because of social mores and the label which is given to her after she exercises her freedom of expression whether in a yes or a no. Many people supported this view and tweeted in the favour.

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