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Racist ‘NiceGuy’ rants about Black woman dating a white guy on Instagram

I think racism is deeply embedded in some people and it comes out one way or the other way. Look at this so-called nice guy on the Instagram who rants about a black woman’s choice. He couldn’t bear a white guy getting a black woman. So he wrote a long comment on the Instagram post which made me lose trust in humanity.

I think after reading the comment you got what I was talking about, and I’m sure this comment also made you question the dude’s mentality.

Since we are talking about some Instagram stupidity, then why not carry the topic further and share with you some more instances. This couple had its first date and they barely look 18, but the girl is a lot more excited than the boy.

This kid made an Instagram account, which was all about cars, gained a lot of followers and then publicly shamed all the girls who had ever left the guy for reasons.

The guy below took the friend zone to a very next level. He can’t understand his emotional dependency on the girls. It’s safe to call him a typical safe guy.

The guy below was telling a Tinder bot about his nice attitude, then he took a screenshot when he came to know about the reality and shared it on the Instagram.

I think there are the different type of people but the first one who did racism wasn’t among the good. It was quite disrespectful of him to talk about the couple like he actually did!

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