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A racist fight between two high school students, beat each other to death, but wait there’s more!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Gone are the days when racial superiority was one thing in the first world countries. Everyone now is more educated and knows his boundaries when it comes to indulging in fights. Still, there are parts of the world where discrimination is carried out based on place of birth and parental clan. However, the real lesson of the brotherhood must be taught which must be carried out by anyone living in this world despite his country or religion.

An interesting GIF emerged on social site Reddit which gathered a lot of attention in a span of merely 4 hours. Two high school students are supposed to be fighting the shit of each other but in the end, they leave everyone stunned. This happened in a high school where two students decided to fake a racist fight. A lot of people gathered at the place after looking at the two exchanging hot words. Everyone anticipated a possible fight between the two guys.

The interesting thing to be noted is the crowd. As the gathered mob noticed that the fight isn’t going to end as anticipated, they started to disperse. No one was willing to give attention to two people who weren’t willing to fight. I think the society is quite unpredictable in this nature. On the one side people say that they hate fights and racist crimes but on the other hand, this post made onto the top of Reddit. When the fight didn’t end as expected the people also seemed disappointed.

This video gives us a moment to understand our nature and psyche and also serves as a check to decide our middle point. Fights do happen but it doesn’t mean we make a point out of them, peace also happens but it isn’t necessary that we always yearn for peace. The middle ground is always appreciable.

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