R Kelly breaks down in his first interview after charges

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Celebrities are often termed as super-humans. They are thought to be joyful and enjoying their life to the fullest. Often kids, they dream of becoming popular, little do they know that after becoming a celebrity the internal reality never changes. A person is as happy as he wants to become. Talking about this reality, it’s not a well known fact that celebrities also break down and most of them face certain type of depression of performance as well. Lady Gaga had recently talked about this particular type of depression in on of her interviews. This time R Kelly became emotional in his first interview which he gave since his arrest. He was convicted of immoral acts and the musician Kelly seemed pretty much disturbed. This is quite natural to be disturbed after hearing to your name in media along with the charges. He was arrested on 10 counts of explicit behaviour (gender based) and was later released on a $100,000 bail.

These charges were related to the four victims. The sad thing was that our of these four victims three of them were under age. The musician denied the allegations against him. He said that he didn’t do all the stuff and he was fighting for sake of his life. He denied every allegation. The singer also revealed that he had been a victim of this differential behaviour of explicit manner when he was young. He said that he was mis-used both physically and emotionally. The singer said that he is okay with everyone hating him but they should also use their common sense in understanding his state of affairs. For those who want to hear to the musician they can watch the video below. It shows his exact state of mind while he speaks.

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