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Putin test-fires missile that can easily WIPE OUT U.S. satellites in orbit

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Russia conducted a new successful test of its new anti-satellite missile. This missile can wipe out the essential US navigation, communication an intelligence technology in orbit.

This was the sixth test flight of the anti-satellite missile named ‘Nudol’. It is believed to have taken place at Plesetsk Cosmodrome, 500 miles north the Moscow, on March 26.

Another weapon is known as PL19 is said to have been launched from it’s from its final transporter, which indicates that this is a major development in the anti-satellite technology.

This was a secret project and only now the reports have erupted and Russia insisted that Nudol is only for defense purpose.

According to the experts say Nudol’s main job is to strike large objects in orbit, using kinetic energy.

This is part of the improvement in modernizing its strategic arsenal under the command of Vladimir Putin.

In a CIA’s report to Congress in February 2015, Russia sees space defense as an important component of its national defense.

‘Russian leaders openly assert that the Russian armed forces have anti-satellite weapons and conduct anti-satellite research.’

Nudol was first launched successfully in a test that was conducted in late 2015 as part of a wave of next-generation kinetic interceptor systems that are presently being developed by Russia, according to The Diplomat.

A former official, from Pentagon Mark Schneider, had warned about the devastating consequences of the technology in 2016.

‘The loss of GPS guidance due to [anti-satellite] attack would take out a substantial part of our precision weapons delivery capability and essentially all of our standoff capability,’ he told The Washington Free Beacon.

Air Force Lt. Gen. David J. Buck, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, said Russia sees US dependency on space as a vulnerability that can be exploited.

This has further increased the tensions between the US and Russia.

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