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Putin tells Russian Students in UK to return home IMMEDIATELY

Written by Logical Men

Russia released a new official initiative in which it is stated that the students and graduate of Russian nationality who are residing inside UK should immediately return to their homeland, so that they can be sent to study ad work in Siberia.

This is due to the fear of security threat and ‘provocations’ that is the result of the Skripals’ poisoning, which means that they should leave at once and settle in ‘wild east’ of Russia.

The campaign of bringing the Russian students and graduates back from UK and other Western countries has been initiated by the former Soviet states.

They claimed the students have way much more opportunities in Siberia than in England, and they will not be under a threat of security anymore.

Since the plan is announced, people on the internet have criticized it – even mocked it.

In past few years, Russia’s brightest students along with the high-flying financial and technical graduated have opted to do majors in UK’s universities and work in its companies as well.

Russia claims that the Skripals’ poisoning was a doing of MI5 and MI6 and was done so to damage the Kremlin.

They also blamed the UK for the recent chemical attack that took place in Syria.

Another figure behind Moscow’s ‘It’s time to go home’ returnee scheme, Oksana Buryak, said: ‘The question for our youngsters studying abroad is very serious indeed.’
‘We have real grounds to worry that young Russians may suffer in provocations in counties that show an unfriendly attitude to (us).’

Oleg Mansurov, of PreActum entrepreneurial community, told a Moscow conference on the plan that those with education and work experience in Britain ‘will be ready to take part in ambitious projects and move again, including to the Far East of Russia’.

He called the ‘passionate graduates’ back and promised them great salaries.

The British embassy responded to this by saying. ‘Russian students are always welcomed in the UK, as always.’

According to a survey conducted by Kommersant newspaper, there was no hostility to Russians in the UK.

The initiative was mocked on social media. Yana Prigozhina said: ‘I just can’t stop laughing.’
‘People who invested so much time in the often an incredibly hard step of moving to study abroad are supposed to buy the idea of ‘building the digital economy’ in the Far East of Russia.?’

Referring to a former Gulag transit point in eastern Siberia, Maria G asked sarcastically ‘Why don’t I just swap my PhD in Cambridge for a job in Magadan?’

‘I don’t even know*!’

Timur said: ‘They better make sure they select real patriots for this task.’

‘What if these guys that come back turn to be MI6? My God, what a scandal.’

Buryak added: ‘Relations between Russia, USA and a number of European countries – first of all, with Great Britain – lately got a lot more complicated.’

‘Sanctions were introduced against our country. More than a hundred diplomats were sent home overall.’

‘The initiative came from Great Britain, which forced several other European countries into solidarity.’

‘Therefore today there is a serious issue over the security of young Russians who study abroad.’

‘There are real concerns that young people, young Russians might suffer in provocations in countries that demonstrate unfriendly attitude towards (us).’

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