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Putin prefers Birds over Windmills at an ‘Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit’

Written by Logical Men

Putin has shown his clear stance to not support the Windmills, as the latter show a renewable mean to produce energy while reducing the carbon footprint, the lord of Russia believes that windmills are pretty dangerous to the birds. Russia is already not pushing much to create renewable energy sources like windmills and solar parks. Russia has some of the huge resources of oil and natural gas on the planet.

Current literature shows that around 140,000 and 328,000 birds die each year from collisions with the windmills. Putin shared these views while he was attending a Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit in Russia. Putin is known to be a dog lover, meanwhile the summit speech showed that he has equal love for the feathered-creatures.

The world international organisations are pushing countries around the globe to reduce their carbon footprint. A similar breach in the past had caused problems for the layer of the ozone. Therefore, Paris Climate Accord was signed back in 2016. However, later America unilaterally left the accord. Trump re-fired the coal powered plants in the USA to introduce more jobs.

Putin a couple of years back had shown his resolve to go-green at a national level of Russia. However, by going green the Russian President didn’t mean to introduce wind farms; however, he meant using hydro-power for generating electricity. Russian renewable market now shows a grown of 8.3% as per the stats collected in 2017 by the Russian government.

President Trump also dislikes wind turbines. In one of the rallies, Trump in the past has attacked wind-turbines by saying that the noise can cause cancer. This might be his way of showing his instant dislike for the issue at hand. It seems that the two leaders on this perspective are on the same page. However, China on the other hand, is installing wind projects in other countries like Pakistan. Under the umbrella of Belt and Road initiative, China is attempting to power-up other countries using the wind power.

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