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Putin finally unveils the underwater stealth drone with nuclear warhead, mocks NATO!

Russia is further strengthening its warfare capabilities with the latest development of an underwater drone that can allow two megatons nuclear warhead to be mobilised towards the Western ports.

Russia’s Poseidon torpedo submarine is designed to blow up ‘enemy navy bases’ and reach the max speed of 70 knots.

Russian President Putin told about this development in the ‘state of the nation’ speech on March of this year. The pride of Putin was quite obvious in his speech when he was talking about the new nuclear capabilities, he also called the nuclear weapons ‘invulnerable to enemy interception.’

However, the state-owned news agency claimed that it has not been possible to confirm the details of the nuclear weaponry.

But it quoted a source as saying: ‘It will be possible to mount various nuclear charges on the ‘torpedo’ of the Poseidon multipurpose seaborne system, with the thermonuclear single warhead similar to the Avangard charge to have the maximum capacity of up to 2 megatons in TNT equivalent.’

With its nuke, the weapon ‘is primarily designed to destroy reinforced naval bases of a potential enemy,’ the report added.

In the speech about the nuclear weapons, which was made by Putin in March, he also praised the scientist for their nuclear achievements and went as far as calling them ‘the heroes of our time.’

He announced that the weapons included nuclear-powered cruise missiles, a nuclear-powered underwater drone and new hypersonic missile and also showed a video of the launch of a massive intercontinental ballistic missile on the display screen.

The footage also included CG video which demonstrated the rocket’s power to demolish United States’ state of Florida.

He also boasted about how NATO’s defence system in no match for these developments, calling their defence system ‘useless,’ and also called the weapons a mean to end the Western efforts to halt Russian development.

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