Puma rescued from a contact-type-zoo can’t be sent to wild, lives as pet house-cat

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Animals are a part of this eco-system. Every animal plays an important role in the food chain and the extinction of one animal can cause a harm to this cyclic chain. Humans have hunted and fed on animals for time unknown, however with the advent of science, human beings are now able to farm animals and mass breed them for their needs. Therefore, hunting isn’t a much needed practice. The humans beings later developed zoo in order to provide other humans a live speciment of all these animals. Recently, a puma was rescued from the contact-type-zoo by a couple.

The story of this rescue is simple, Messi waa found in a zoo by Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev. The couple looked at this Puma and they knew that it needed help. The couple had first spotted this puma at Saransk Zoo in Penza. Messi, Suarez and Neymar were three cubs born in the zoo. They were named after the football players because of the worldcup going on in Russia. These cubs were sold to the zoo and they suffered from a bad health.

Now anyone can think that why is Messi vulnerable in the wild environment? Well, Messi size is 30% smaller than the average mage puma. He can’t survive in the wild environment. Sadly, there were other problems with Messi when he got adopted by the zoo. In addition to his small size, his health conditions were not so good. He was lucky that this amazing couple visited the zoo and they decided to take him home.

Mariya the wife of Aleksandr had always dreamed of owning a huge cat as a pet. After having Messi she felt happy and thought her life was complete. In the above picture the huge cat can be seen lying on the bed, it looks cute.

In the above picture, Messi can be seen enjoying the bath in the tub. The family now thinks him a huge part of their lives. The wife takes him out for a walk and most people look at him in wonder. They can’t expect that someone can have a puma as pet.

One can believe that the animal rights activists might not be happy with Dmitrievs keeping a puma in their home, as they believe that the animal belongs to the wild life. However, since Puma is too small, therefore it wouldn’t be wise to leave it in the wild.

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