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‘Psychotic Farmer’ murders 49 escorts and turns them to ‘Ground Meat’

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is an extremely volatile and psychotic thing to do in real life, movies could have several plots like the one covered in this article but real life scenario becomes totally different. This is a strange and murky real-life story of a ‘Pig Farmer’ who ended the life of 49 escorts and still wishes to add one more to the count.

This Canadian Pig Farmer, Robert Pickton, is in jail at the moment because he had murdered 40 escorts in the past. Above everything, he further ground the remains of these escorts into mince-meat at his own farm. The name of his farm is “Piggy Palace.

Someone might think, Why did he turn them to ground-meat? The piggy palace was the place where he did all these heinous acts, later he used the same mince-meat and sold it to his customers being a pig-farmer. His customers even included the local police men of the area.

The confession came out after a policeman pretended to be his cell-mate in the prison. Pickton confided in the guy and told him about his disconcerting selling practice of meat.

They got me on this one… they’ve got DNA. I did better than that… I used a processing plant – said Pickton in response of the officer that he could have simply disposed off the bodies to the sea

Pickton’s Victim as released by Police

Pickton’s cell video has been released by the Police. Do watch the video and it will give you a deep analysis on the mind of a serial killer.

The escorts were regularly missing from the area and people had no clue about the perpetrator. The issue was given limelight when a woman escaped Pickton. She went to the police and reported the incident, she said that Pickton had her handcuffed and later he tried to attack her with a knife. The scuffle between the two made the woman bleeding. However, she escaped his clutch without clothes and was later found in the neighbour bleeding out blood, in a weak condition.

Piggy Palace

Pickton with his brother used to throw out huge parties in their Barn. According to the police these parties involved huge amount of alcohol and drugs. The brother, denies any knowledge of the horrendous acts of Robert Pickton.

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