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Propaganda video shows invasion in Washington DC & White House blown up

A propaganda video has been released by none other than ISIS which has depicted and shown an attack on the Washington DC led by their soldiers who are commonly called as militants and miscreants. The clip features some horrific explosions in Washington DC, White house and London.

Now you might be wondering that how could ISIS show such a massive destruction through video? well, all thanks to the Hollywood blockbusters like Olympus Has Fallen and its sequel London Has Fallen. The Isis has taken out clippings from these movies and later used their own production techniques to show the destruction of Washington and London.
The video starts with A man singing a song, “Oh my brothers Jihad is the only way to bring back the honour of our glorious day.”

The Muslim clerics, on the other hand, call such messages as a severe form of terrorism because they declare that in Islam it is not allowed to kill anyone without reasons. According to the Islamic clerics, there is scrutiny among people on the basis of deeds, in Islam, just like the modern law but it does not allow any terrorist activity. Terrorism is deemed as a bad act just like in any religion of the world. The Muslim countries themselves are tired of this kind of attacks and with the help of US aid, they are trying hard to create peaceful states.

The video which was released by ISIS, as a propaganda, shows a skilful clip of London Chelsea Bridge being exploded through a van filled up with explosives material. It that uses the scenes from the Olympus movie where North Korea attacks the U.S. capital.

There is another scene in the video in which the Hercules plane has been rebranded using the ISIS logo which is then used to shoot the people in parks and sidewalks using the side-mounted machine guns. Further, the tank has been featured in the video which can be seen moving through the streets of DC and breaching defence wall of White House. Video then ends with the CGI explosion of the building.

Attack’s Propaganda

Despite the use of many scenes from the Hollywood movies, the experts fear for people that the video might have some hidden message and it might have some effect on the common public.

It might sound stupid, even childish, but the video shows supporters an ISIS airforce and ISIS tanks rolling into DC, and maybe it gives an element of hope. Maybe it will inspire someone to be a ‘lion’ and carry out an attack. – said the Raphael Gluck from monitoring group Jihadoscope

If you feel like watching the video then you can watch it below, but if you are sensitive then we recommend that you skip the video.

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