Prince Archie is the first person who could be a US President and King of England

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After the birth of Prince Archie, a different kind of opinion took birth: He is the first person who could be US President and King of England. When Megan Markle gave birth to her baby boy, different questions and opinions took birth. One question which was asked at the social media websites was regarding the determination of the newly born baby’s name. A few other questions which were asked regarding the health and pictures of the baby boy. The world seemed to be in a hurry to get the pictures and details about the royal baby.

One single question also accompanied the above written usual questions, and it was whether the royal baby would be able to run for the president of the US or not. When the initial news of the baby’s birth broke out, people realised that the baby boy could run for the election of the US President. It would not happen for now, but only once he grows older.

Initially, people started to make claims that for being able to run for the President of America, the contender should be born on the American soil. However, it’s now being reported that Baby Archie would be able to run for the election of US President. If we further extrapolate this bizarre notion, it means that once the baby boy grows older, he might be able to become US President and King in the UK.

‘Newsweek’ reported that the baby boy could be eligible to become president of the US along with a monarch in the UK if he has dual citizenship. Obviously, it’s clear that the baby boy has a claim to the citizenship of UK< because of his father, in addition to this claim he has a claim to the nationality of US because of his mother. The birth of Prince Archie is going to be the only birth of such circumstances if the parents of Archie decide to report his birth to the US consulate.Leaving behind these speculations, Archie has a long way to go before becoming a King in UK; he is seventh in line to the throne. Also, if he wants to be a runner for the president’s seat in the US, then he has to live in the US for 14 years.Are these conditions hard to fulfil?

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