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President Trump tells police chiefs to bring back ‘stop and frisk’ policies

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President Trump is well known for her personalized politics. The way he played with the treaties in the international arena has left many critics confused. The gun and boat diplomacy was seen at its finest in the tenure of Trump. The foreign policy and domestic policy go hand in hand. Recently, Trump called for the return of stop and frisk policy. His intentions were conveyed during the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual convention which took place this Monday.

Trump endorsed the stop and frisk policy especially for the case of Chicago. The president was assertive that this particular policy works well for Chicago. The president often brings up the subject of Illinois city when he talks about the crime. He suggests bringing back the controversial policy which was used by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Trump praised the efforts of Giuliani. He said that when Giuliani was the mayor of the New York City, he launched a very strong program of stop and frisk policy. This policy helped him transform the city into one of the safest cities in the world. Trump said that crime spree was something deplorable which was needed to be curbed down immediately. He believed that stop and frisk policy might be of great help in the discourse of ending the crime.

There’s no reason for what’s going on there. I’ve told them to work with local authorities to try to change the terrible deal the city of Chicago entered into with ACLU, which ties law enforcement’s hands and to strongly consider stop and frisk. (said Trump)

The stop and frisk policy which is often not advocated by masses consists of stopping anyone in the middle of the road for a quick search for containing possible weapons or other harmful things. This procedure was adopted in 2002 but shortly saw a major decline post-2011. This is not the first time when Trump was found inclined to bring back the old stop and frisk policy.

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