Pregnant whale washed ashore had 22 kg of plastic in its stomach

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The world is divided into two groups, there is one group which says that climate change is real and humans have degraded their environment as compared to the past. Then there is another group which says that the climate can heal itself on its own and there is nothing to worry about. Now, both groups argue with each other. Let’s forget about all these discussions, the trash on earth is a real thing. There has been some incidents in the past in which often aquatic animals are focused which lose their lives. They succumb to the high amounts of plastic. Recently, a pregnant whale washed up on the shore and it was found that it has 22 kilograms of plastic in its stomach. This made the people quite sad as they were not expecting that human trash could end up harming the lives of the aquatic life.

This whale had washed up on a shore in Italy. It was found that the whale had 22 kilograms of plastic stuck in its stomach. This means that somehow the water was contaminated and it was eating all that plastic. The whale was also carrying a dead fetus which made the problem even more grave and concerning. 

This incident calls everyone to show some discretion while they visit shore anywhere in the world. It’s their responsibility that they don’t throw litter on the shore. They should keep it clean like their own home because these are then the aquatic animals which pay for the mistakes which humans commit. This shouldn’t be the case, the aquatic animals should not pay for the price of humans mistakes. 

Are there still people who say these are not important problems? For me they are, and they are priorities. (said Italian environment minister in a public post which was made on Facebook)

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