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Pregnant girl shoots her boyfriend in a failed attempt of going viral on Internet

Written by Wamiq Ali

Just when you think that there are not enough stupid people on the internet then a news breaks out which actually makes you believe in the stupidity of a lot of people. This news is quite similar in nature where a YouTuber tried to go viral and in that attempt, she shot her boyfriend. Now this YouTuber is all around the news but she didn’t earn any positive fame for doing a stupid act in an attempt to go viral.

So this YouTuber blogger has confessed about killing her boyfriend in an accidental stunt they planned to post on the joint Channel in pursuit of fame and money. The 20-year-old Monalisa Perez from Halstad, Minnesota, US, fatally shot down her partner named Pedro Ruiz back in June while trying to film a viral video and her boyfriend thought that a thick book held up against his chest might stop the bullet, however, the bullet instead of getting lost in the book tragically passed through it and ended up in the chest of 22 years old Ruiz.

The couple sharing a happy moment! On right, the now-dead boyfriend can be seen!

Praise actually pled guilty to the second-degree manslaughter on Friday and she is going to face a prison time of 6 months along with the supervised probation period as a part of a plea agreement. The other dark side of her plea agreement is barring her from owning firearms for her entire life. The couple had filmed different scenarios in the videos prior to the death of the male partner and in one of the videos, he can be seen jumping into a swimming pool, falling out of a tree and accidentally eating a doughnut covering baby powder. We believe that they wanted to try a whole new level of insanity in their next video.

Before actually filming the dangerous stunt the girlfriend of the boy made a tweet on the social media and announced her willingness to perform the dangerous stunt of shooting her own boyfriend and we are sure that there must be a lot of people among the followers who actually tried to give some sense to the girl.

According to Unilad, “The horrifying incident was performed in front of their three-year-old child and around 30 witnesses.

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